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Construction is one of our strongest growth sectors due to South Australia’s growing population and ongoing increases in business investment.

This is driving demand for new housing, commercial facilities and public infrastructure.

Could our construction industry provide you with a fulfilling career pathway?

The landscape

Snapshot of a thriving sector

Major projects over the next decade in South Australia include:

  • the new Women’s and Children’s Hospital
  • the Torrens to Darlington (T2D Project) — part of the North-South corridor development, and
  • our state’s first large-scale hydrogen power station, electrolyser and storage facility

The T2D project alone is expected to create an average of 5,500 jobs per year over the next decade with many of those supported by the VET sector.

Significant residential land releases in Adelaide’s northern and southern suburbs in the coming years will also require a range of construction trades workers and labourers.

Arrow shapes

Amber's story

Amber's desire to work hard at her four-year apprenticeship in plumbing led to her role as a Site Manager for Cushman and Wakefield.

"Every day you're learning something new. The role I've taken on is just another learning opportunity."

Jack's story

"I see myself starting my own carpentry business up. I'd love to have my own little crew, going on to teach them basically what I've been taught."

Jack has been amazed at what can be achieved in construction in a short timeframe and finds the industry very rewarding.


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