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Supervision and workplace safety

Starting safe

Starting your traineeship or apprenticeship?

Always expect direct supervision at the start.

This is an important standard requirement to ensure that you and everyone else in the workplace is kept safe, and it applies to all trainees and apprentices the same.

Assessing risk

Your employer will carry out a risk assessment to decide your ‘level of risk’.

The level of risk will depend on the type of work you’re going to be doing, the equipment you’ll use, and a range of other factors.

Your employer will use this risk assessment to decide what level of supervision is going to be right for you.

Your employer should comply with the South Australian Skills Standards (Standard 5 refers to supervision).

Types of supervision

Get savvy on safety limits

Your employer must apply the level of supervision that applies to your trade or vocation — it’s all set out in the Traineeship and Apprenticeship Pathways Schedule.

Supervision level ratingMaximum supervision ratio
High1:3 - A single supervisor may not supervise any more than 3 apprentices or trainees at one time.
Medium1:6 - A single supervisor may not supervise any more than 6 apprentices or trainees at any one time.
Low1:10 - A single supervisor may not supervise any more than 10 apprentices or trainees at any one time.

When supervising apprentices or trainees requiring different supervision levels, your employer must apply the supervision ratio for the highest level.

In some circumstances your employer will be able to obtain written permission from the South Australian Skills Commission to supervise additional apprentices or trainees.

Workplace safety

As a trainee or apprentice, you should always feel safe at work.

SafeWork SA is South Australia’s workplace health and safety regulator and can tell you everything you need to know about safety at work during your traineeship or apprenticeship.

If you have any workplace safety questions or are concerned for your safety, speak to SafeWork SA.


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