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Support from the start

The best time to discuss your needs with your training provider is before you’ve enrolled.

Your training provider is there to help you.

They'll work with you to ensure all your learning needs are met throughout your training.

Plan for success

Support starts when you choose a training provider.

Your first chance to get to know about your training is during the pre-enrolment process.

Before you start, your training provider will complete an upfront assessment and put a plan in place to support you during your training.

Together, you and your training provider will discuss your needs and identify any training hurdles you may face.

No two people are the same.

The upfront assessment is designed to uncover your unique needs and support you to complete your qualification.

Ask your training provider today.


What will the upfront assessment include?

During your upfront assessment, the training provider will check you're on track for success.

The upfront assessment will give you the best chance of completing your qualification so you can get on with building your career.

Be proactive

If you’re unsure that the support you need is available, please reach out.

Already enrolled and need support?

Chat with your training provider about straightforward issues like timetabling or changing your arrangements. You can access extra support services if you have more complex concerns.