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Complete your traineeship or apprenticeship

Almost there!

Have you achieved Competency in the Workplace? Or completed the training component of your qualification?

If so, congratulations on your accomplishment. Not far to go now.

A formal finish

If your employer and training provider agree that you’ve completed your training contract, you can now apply to formally complete your traineeship or apprenticeship.

How to apply

Your Training Contract Completion Application Form can be completed by you, your employer or your training provider.

Make sure to include your training provider’s certification to show you have completed the qualification that’s set out in your Training Contract.

The form and a copy of your certificate from your training provider need to be submitted:

Skills SA will let you all know if your application has been approved.

Prepare to celebrate

If approved, our Skills SA will:

  • provide you with a Completion Notice
  • (if you are an apprentice) issue your Trade Certificate

Running out of time?

If you’re worried you won’t be able to finish your training by the completion date specified in your training contract you’ll need to notify us as soon as possible.

In some circumstances, you will be allowed to submit a Training Contract Extension Application.

Whatever you do, don’t delay.


Connecting out-of-trade apprentices with employers

Keen to get back to work or finish your training? Submit your details via the Skill Connect Register and search for current vacancies to connect with employers.

Ready to find a job?

Securing future employment can be intimidating — but taking a few practical steps can bring a feeling of control.

Complete support during your training

No matter where you are in your trainee or apprenticeship, support is available.