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Complete support during your training

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  • Complete support during your training

No matter where you are in your learning journey, complete support is available to help you succeed

About to study? Just started your training? Thinking about changing courses?
Moving into employment? Thinking about dropping out?

Support is available.

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Our complete support empowers you to achieve your long-term career goals. Because your future matters.

It's free

Support is free and confidential.

For all learners

If you’re enrolled or are going through pre-enrolment with any training provider, you’re eligible for support.

For all issues

There’s support for any issue affecting your training.

Be proactive

The sooner you reach out, the stronger the supports that can be put in place to help you succeed.

Thinking about training?

The best time to discuss your needs with your training provider is before you’ve enrolled.

This includes getting support with reading, writing or maths if you need it.

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Already enrolled?

Support from your training provider

Your training provider should be available to guide you through any issues arising during your training.

And can create a supportive and flexible learning environment by delivering your training in different ways. For example, you might be able to split your time between face-to-face classes and workshops and remote study.

Support from your training provider could range from negotiating timetable changes to organising leave.

Missed a class? Falling behind? Want to stretch your learning? Chat with your training provider if you’d like to expand your learning or if you need to catch up.

Support from outside services

If your training provider can’t provide the support you need, free and confidential assistance is available for any issue affecting your training.


Studying with TAFE SA?

You can receive free and confidential counselling and welfare support in a safe and confidential space via Student Services.

Studying with a private training provider?

You can discuss any issues or challenges you may be facing with an experienced case manager to find solutions via Learner Support Services.

Disability and access