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Resolving concerns

Do you have issues with your training?

Start with your training provider

Talk to your training provider if you’re concerned about the quality of your training or the way it’s being taught. Your training provider should be available to help you resolve any concerns.

Explore all your options

If you’re not satisfied with your training provider’s response, there are other ways to resolve the problem.

Let us know

If your training is subsidised by the South Australian Government or the Australian Government, we may be able to assist.

Contact us and we’ll work to address the problem with you.

Issues with your employment?

What if your training provider closes down?

If your training provider closes down unexpectedly, we understand it might cause you some concern.

Please be assured, the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) can:

  • retrieve records of your completed training
  • assist you to change to a new training provider
  • give you information about your VET Student Loan and how to continue training under your Training Contract

You can also raise your concerns with ASQA.