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Start a traineeship or apprenticeship

Your future starts here

There’s nothing like feeling ready to succeed with the right information and tools.

From the first day of your traineeship or apprenticeship to the day you receive your completion notice or Trade Certificate, you should feel informed and empowered to succeed.

Step-by-step guide to success

Before you start

Decided that an apprenticeship or traineeship is right for you, but don’t know where to start? Just follow these steps.

What to expect next

Almost there! But what happens after your sign your Training Contract? What's involved in an upfront assessment and what's a Training Plan?


Meet your training community

Learn about the people who are going to be instrumental and want to see you succeed on your traineeship or apprenticeship journey.

Supervision and workplace safety

Supervision and workplace safety is about so much more than just your apprenticeship or traineeship. Did you know your employer must make sure you get proper supervision throughout your traineeship or apprenticeship?

How much will you earn?

Just like any other job, your traineeship or apprenticeship is covered by an industrial award or agreement. Under an industrial award you are entitled to a wage as well as other entitlements (sometimes including allowances).

Travel and accommodation allowance

The Travel and Accommodation Allowance is a part-payment from the South Australian Government, often for rural or regional apprentices or trainees, to reduce the costs incurred by your employer should you need to travel long distances to attend training.

Need support?

Concerned you won’t be able to meet your work or training commitments?

Support is available. Because your future matters.

Why not speak to your training provider to put a support plan in place from the start?