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Wages, allowances and conditions

Fair conditions for all

Just like any job, your traineeship or apprenticeship will be covered by an industrial award (award) or an enterprise agreement.

What's an award?

Awards are formal conditions of employment.

You’ll find the name of your award in your training contract.

Your award...

Covers your wage

Different types of jobs are covered by different awards that set out the minimum wage or salary that can be paid by your employer. Most awards have a pay schedule for trainees and apprentices.

Covers allowances and other entitlements

Training fees and materials, such as textbooks needed for your apprenticeship or traineeship, can be covered by your employer if you’re making satisfactory progress.

There is also a travel and accommodation allowance available to employers for eligible apprentices and trainees, to help cover the cost of your attendance at training if you need to travel a significant distance.

If the award you are under does not make it clear whether you or your employer should pay these costs, it’s a good idea to negotiate this during the development of your Training Contract.


Have questions about your pay rate or award, or just want more information?

  1. At the first stage, ask your employer, check your contract and award.
  2. Visit the Fair Work Ombudsman website or call them on 13 13 94. Fair Work have a Pay and Conditions tool to assist you in finding your award.