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IT and Cybersecurity

Dive into digital opportunity

Demand for information technology (IT) and cybersecurity skills is high across all industry sectors. In response, South Australia’s tech workforce is growing — fast.

Could IT and cybersecurity provide you with a fulfilling career pathway?

The landscape

Snapshot of a thriving sector

South Australia’s tech workforce is the 2nd largest in Australia — between 2021 and 2022 it made up 15% of our overall workforce.

2021 data from the Tech Council of Australia shows that 33,000 people were employed in tech here in South Australia, putting a whopping $6 Billion back into our local economy.

Little or large

South Australia is home to a diverse range of tech companies with different sizes and work cultures. We’ve got everything from agile start-ups through to established global organisations seeking to grow and expand their workforce across areas including:

  • software development
  • artificial intelligence
  • machine learning
  • robotics
  • cybersecurity
  • automation
  • cloud computing
  • data analytics
  • visualisation

Choose the culture and areas of interest that best suit you.

Work in tech, outside of tech

And IT and cyber roles aren’t only available at tech organisations.

There are now jobs across a multitude of different industries that rely on people with these skills, from health to construction to space to education to the environmental sector.

Tech skills are needed everywhere.

VET vs University

Those recruiting for tech roles will frequently source talent from:

  • VET graduates entering the workforce for the first time
  • VET graduates who have reskilled from a different role
  • University graduates

Salaries for entry-level roles are similar for both VET graduates and university graduates.

Three arrows
IT students working at their laptops

Gabe's story

"There's always something new, there's always a new technology developed. So it's always very dynamic and innovative, especially in my current role. You never know what you're going to get.

That's what's good about the traineeship. You kind of get thrown into the deep end and I feel like that's the best way to learn."


Your career starts with you

To find occupations of interest, the best place to start is by asking yourself. What interests you or makes you curious? What are you good at? The answers to these questions can often uncover your best starting point.

Training that suits you

Explore hundreds of VET courses and training opportunities in South Australia across every industry with our course search tool.

Explore jobs in IT and cybersecurity

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