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Excavate and unearth opportunity

Our resources sector produces and supplies the important minerals, metals and energy sources needed to build homes, run businesses, charge phones, power electric cars and support healthcare.

The demand for skilled people in this industry is expected to rise in the upcoming years, fuelled by the growing activity in mining projects.

Could our resource industry provide you with a fulfilling career pathway?

The landscape

Snapshot of a thriving sector

The resources sector in South Australia is involved in exploring, mining, producing, and distributing world-class mineral and petroleum revenues.

South Australian commodities contribute to fundamental infrastructure, products, and supplies. These include iron ore for bridges and railways, limestone for cement, kaolin utilized in cosmetics, uranium for nuclear medicines, and mineral sands like titanium employed in paints, toothpaste, and paper.

This industry also plays a crucial role in transitioning to Net Zero and requires a diverse range of skills to produce essential minerals like copper, silver, and graphite for electrification and renewable energy technologies.

The resources sector supports thousands of jobs and suppliers across South Australia and anticipates an increasing demand for skilled workers in the upcoming years. This demand is driven by the rise in mining project activities and the ongoing need for operations, shutdown, and maintenance staff.

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