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Early Childhood Education and Care

Nurture and develop opportunity

South Australia’s Early Learning Strategy 2021 to 2031: All young children thriving and learning (PDF) is well underway and includes significant investment in South Australia’s preschool system.

With this investment, our systems are expanding — bringing increased demand for people with skills in this industry.

Could the early childhood education and care provide you with a fulfilling career pathway?

The landscape

Snapshot of a thriving sector

The South Australian Government is putting $35.1 million into the sector to expand the reach, frequency and number of health and development checks for children.

The interim report of the Royal Commission into Early Childhood Education and Care has recommended that universal preschool in South Australia be expanded to include children from 3 years of age (currently includes children from 4 years of age).

If this goes ahead, it is going to increase demand for early education professionals and associated allied health and specialist education services.

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Mature age child care worker playing with kindergarten children in a sandpit

Gemma's story

"I always knew from a young age that I wanted to work with children. They were just drawn to me."

Gemma is passionate about her work in early childhood development. Her TAFE studies helped her to understand the many different emotional needs and learning styles of children and how to plan for them.


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