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Certificate IV in Animal Behaviour and Training

Code: ACM40322

Certificate IV in Animal Behaviour and Training

Methods of delivery

Qualification level

Certificate IV

Training options

Apprenticeship / Traineeship
This qualification describes the skills and knowledge required for an animal trainer and/or animal training practitioner working with a specific species or across a range of species and workplaces where they are required to work closely with animal carers or owners (clients). The qualification provides options for individuals wanting to work in animal-assisted services, animal rehoming/adoption, rehabilitation roles, exhibited animal facilities or who specialise in conditioning or training different species.

The qualification is for individuals with experience in working with and caring for animals, to develop the skills required to interpret animal behaviour, apply animal learning theory, and to evaluate best practice conditioning and training methodologies and techniques to meet the welfare needs of animals, and to provide ethical services for carers/clients.