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Advanced Diploma of Agribusiness Management

Code: AHC60319

Advanced Diploma of Agribusiness Management

Methods of delivery

Qualification level

Advanced Diploma

Training options

Apprenticeship / Traineeship
This qualification reflects the role of individuals working in a range of agribusiness leadership or consulting roles. The role reflects the need for agribusiness specific expertise in planning and analysis, managing supply chains, financial and human resource management together with an emphasis on return on investment.
At this level, workers utilise significant theoretical agribusiness knowledge and provide leadership and strategic direction across multiple enterprises.
Agribusiness leaders and consultants analyse, design and execute judgements using wide-ranging technical, conceptual and managerial competencies. Their knowledge base may be highly specialised or broad within the agribusiness field. These individuals are often accountable for group outcomes and for the overall performance of agricultural or horticultural production enterprises.