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Advanced Diploma of Screen and Media

Code: CUA60620

Advanced Diploma of Screen and Media

Methods of delivery

Qualification level

Advanced Diploma

Training options

General Training
This qualification reflects the role of those who work in a wide range of screen, media and entertainment industry roles, including film, television, radio, production, presentation, specialist make-up services and interactive media environments.

They apply specialised knowledge in a range of contexts to undertake advanced skilled work. They will have specialised technical and theoretical knowledge with depth in one or more fields of work. They are often accountable for team outcomes, however also work autonomously at a high level.

The job roles that relate to this qualification may include animation designer, screen writer, artistic director, director of photography, special effects designer, games designer, sound designer, producer (film and television), director, specialist make-up artist (creative), music director, program director, promotions and marketing manager, digital content manager, production manager, account executive, head of creative, and news director.
Government assistance