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Certificate II in Split Air Conditioning and Heat Pump Systems

Code: UEE20120

Certificate II in Split Air Conditioning and Heat Pump Systems

Methods of delivery

Qualification level

Certificate II

Training options

Apprenticeship / Traineeship
School-based Apprenticeship / Traineeship
This qualification covers competencies to install, commission and decommission single head, split air conditioning and heat pumps systems to a prescribed routine where the maximum plant capacity for each system does not exceed 18 kilowatt (kW) refrigeration.
This includes wall hung, floor and ceiling suspended, cassette and ducted fan coil split systems and water heating heat pump systems. This qualification excludes competencies required for service, repair, maintenance, diagnostic/fault finding and electrical work or the safe and proper installation of commercial refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump plant and equipment.

Relevant employment may be required to enable the application of the required knowledge and skills to on the job work activities and environments.

Refrigerant Handling Licence:
The qualification meets only the training components for a national restricted heat pump, split system, installation and decommissioning Refrigerant Handling Licence, which is required to work on equipment that carries the risk of a fluorocarbon refrigerant being emitted while decanting the refrigerant, installing, commissioning or decommissioning refrigeration and air conditioning equipment.

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Occupational Licence:
Additional and/or other conditions may apply in some jurisdictions subject to regulations related to refrigeration/air conditioning work. Practice in the workplace and during training is also subject to work health and safety (WHS)/occupational health and safety (OHS) regulations.