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Learner Support Services

Support for a smoother learning journey

Are you finding work, health, financial or other life issues are making it hard to keep up with your study or training?

Your future matters—so let’s explore what’s available to keep your study on track and your goals in reach.

Support is available for any issue affecting your training.

Start with your training provider

Your training provider is there to help. They’ll usually be able to guide you through any issues that arise during your training.

If your training provider is unable to provide the support you need, free and confidential assistance is always available, for any issue.

You can discuss any issues or challenges you may be facing with an experienced case manager who will work with you to find solutions to support you.

If you need more... access Learner Support Services

Your case manager will try to find ways to empower you to remain in training and complete your course—or transfer to another course or transition to work as needed.

Private issues?

Sessions are one-on-one and with the same case manager, so you don’t need to keep retelling your story. And everything you tell your case manager is kept private.

Can’t get there?

You can even arrange for services to come out to you if needed. This is called outreach.

What are Learner Support Services?

Learner Support Services are a one-on-one support service for people who are finding it hard to continue training or keep up with the demands of study.

Your training provider can connect you with a Learner Support Services case manager. They will help you tackle life issues, support you in building your study skills, connect you with support services in your community or help you decide on your next steps once finished your training.

Skills SA learner support services

Here are some examples of areas others have been supported

Watch Chaya's story

During her studies, Chaya faced some family issues that made her fall behind and she began to lose the motivation to finish her course.

With support from Dianne, Chaya has not only completed her studies - she's gained maturity and confidence and now has goals for the future she'd never have set before.

Study with TAFE SA?

Access Student Services

You can receive free and confidential counselling and welfare support in a safe and confidential space via Student Services.

How to access Learner Support Services

It starts with speaking with your training provider.

Your training provider will either reach out to a Learner Support Services case manager on your behalf or give you a contact number so you can speak with them directly.

Skills SA learner support services