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Health and Aged Care

Care and support opportunity

Demand for skilled people across the health and aged care sectors is high in South Australia.

Did you know that Adelaide is home to one of the largest health and medical precincts in the Southern Hemisphere?

Could the health and aged care sectors provide you with a fulfilling career pathway?

The landscape

Snapshot of a thriving sector

Our health and medical industries contribute $2.3 billion to the South Australian economy — projected to increase to $5 billion by 2030.

Our aging population needs to be able to access a wide range of supports and services to age well.

This applies both for those needing some extra support to remain in their own home and for those who require additional care and can no longer live at home.

The organisations providing these supports and services must have people with the right skills to meet all necessary requirements.

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Aged care worker supporting a client at home

Vanda's story

"It's the best feeling ever, making life easier for someone in their own home."

Making a difference to people's lives through in home care is what matters most to Vanda. Her studies have helped her evaluate the social and physical needs of her clients so she can provide the care that's right for them.

Kye's story

"I love the pace and diversity of a dental clinic and the difference we make to patient health."

Kye's VET-based studies to become a dental assistant gave him a foot in the door at a regional dental clinic, and provided him with a head start in his undergraduate degree in oral health.


Your career starts with you

To find occupations of interest, the best place to start is by asking yourself. What interests you or makes you curious? What are you good at? The answers to these questions can often uncover your best starting point.

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